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Hoss Tree farm is proud to offer the following Maple Trees: Red Armstrong, Autumn Blaze, Emerald Luster Norway, Fall Fiesta Sugar, Crimson King, Green Mountain Sugar. To learn more about our Maple Tress please contact us today!

Maple- Autumn Blaze

“Acer Freemanii”
The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree is a unique combination of good traits from the red maple and silver maple. The qualities mixed by the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree are brilliant orange-red color in the fall, dense and healthy branching, and enhanced growth that protects from insects and disease. They are known for their unexcelled speed of growth. The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree can also live in a variety of climates, ranging from the frigid cold of zone three, to the humid south of zone eight.

Additional Attributes

The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree will grow to fifty or sixty feet tall and have a mature spread of thirty to forty feet. They are not a susceptible to storm damage as the silver maple, as they received stronger wood from their red maple parent. The autumn blaze maple tree also has the ability to grow in most soil conditions.


Maple – Red Armstrong

“Acer Rubrum”
The Armstrong Red Maple Tree is a relatively fast-growing tree that will reach heights of up to 50 or 60 feet with a 15 to 25-foot spread. Its bark is a very attractive slivery-gray. It tolerates heat better than a Sugar or Norway Maple.

Additional Attributes

The Armstrong Maple has nice red, orange or yellow color in autumn that lasts several weeks and is often one of the first ones to change color. Best in zones north of Zone 9. This is a nice tree for small yards and parkways as the spread is not as wide as some of the other Maple Tree varieties.

armstrong-red-maple trees for sale

Maple – Emerald Luster Norway

“Acer Platanoides”
The Norway Maple Tree is a deciduous, broadleaf maple tree. They will grow to a height of 40′ to 50′ and can have an equal mature spread. The summer foliage is dark green and turns yellow in the fall. The Norway maple tree works great as a shade tree, specimen plant, or street tree. They will tolerate air pollution and salt. Norway maple trees will also tolerate hot and dry conditions much better than the sugar maple.

Additional Attributes

The shape of the Norway Maple Tree is densely rounded, and its broad leaves provide dense shade. Its growth rate is rapid, and it is very adaptable to varying soil conditions. One of the most highly recommended shade trees, because it can be planted almost anywhere in the yard.

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Maple – Fall Fiesta Sugar

“Acer Saccharum ‘Bailsta’ – Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple”
The Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple Tree grows to a rounded, dense form with an average texture that blends into the landscape. Low maintenance with pruning in summer after the leaves have fully developed. Otherwise may ‘bleed’ sap encouraging pests. Grows to roughly 60 feet at maturity with a high canopy and at a medium rate. Should live up to 100 years or more.

Additional Attributes

The Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple Tree is a reliable tree for dense shade and features fiery colors of yellow to orange and red. Best planted in larger landscapes, it is one of the hardiest varieties as it adapts to all soils. Does not do well with air pollution. Dark green foliage prevails throughout the season


Maple – Crimson King Norway

“Acer Platanoides – Crimson King”
The Crimson King Maple Tree is a red-leaved cultivar of the Norway Maple and its beautiful rich color lends contrast to a green landscape. Grows to 40′ – 50′ with a spread of 25′ – 30′ in full sun to part shade. Best in a well-drained area. This maple is quite drought tolerant and resists urban pollutants well.

Additional Attributes

The Crimson King Maple Tree is perfect as a landscape tree providing dense shade. Also works well as a street tree. Smooth bark, straight trunk, and strong branching provide for off-season interest. Its shallow root system competes with lawn grasses, and this can make mowing under the tree difficult.

crimson-king-maple trees for sale

Maple – Green Mountain Sugar

“Acer Saccharum”
The Green Mountain Sugar Maple Tree is one of the most spectacular for fall color. Its leaves turn a beautiful bright reddish-orange color in the fall after a full summer of thick greenery and dense shade. Grows to a mature height of 50′ with a spread of up to 40′ and has a broadly oval shape. This tree is probably the hardiest of all the sugar maple trees and is its versatility allows for planting anywhere in the yard.

Additional Attributes

The Sugar Maple Tree is one of the toughest trees and most adaptable to varying soil and moisture conditions. This tree is best planted at least 20′ from buildings and is perfect for open areas where it can spread to its fullest.

Green Mountain sugar-maple

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