Deciduous Trees

Hoss Tree farm is proud to offer the following Deciduous Trees: Maples, Oaks, Birch, Pear, Plum, Crabapple, Linden, and more. 

Maple Trees


We carry the following maple tree species 

  • Maple – Red – Armstrong “Acer Rubrum”
  • Maple – Autumn Blaze “Acer Freemanii”
  • Maple – Emerald Luster Norway “Acer Platanoides”
  • Maple – Fall Fiesta Sugar “Acer Saccharum Bailsta”
  • Maple – Crimson King “Acer Platanoides”
  • Maple – Green Mountain Sugar “Acer Saccharum”


canadian hemlock tree

Oak Trees


We carry the following Oak tree species

  • Oak – Bur – “Quercus Macrocarpa”
  • Oak – Northern Red “Quercus Rubra”
  • Oak – Swamp White “Quercus Alba”


northern-red-oak trees for sale

London Plane

“Plantanus x acerifolia “
The London planetree (Platanus x acerifolia) is a very large deciduous tree that is quite resilient in urban conditions. This hybrid tree resulted from a cross between two sycamore species: Platanus Occidentalis (American Sycamore) and Platanus orientalis (Oriental Plane). A fast-growing tree, the London Plane typically gains several feet in height per year. It transplants well and can be planted throughout the year. 


Additional Attributes

Like all Sycamores, the London plane has bark that peels away in irregular patches to show creamy whitish-green inner bark. Its green leaves are around 4-9 inches wide with 305 lobes, and its fall foliage is a rather plain yellow-brown. Small flowers appear in clusters in the early spring, gradually ripening into fruit balls that turn brown in the fall. 

London Plane Trees for sale

Crabapple – Prariefire

“Malus x sp. Prairiefire “
The Prairiefire Crabapple tree is a great choice for a flowering ornamental tree. It Grows to 20′ high with a horizontal 20′ spread and blooms profusely in mid-spring with fragrant pink flowers. Tolerant of most soil conditions and is very disease resistant. Hearty in Illinois Zone 5. Lustrous, medium-green leaves. Most pest-resistant crabapple. Tolerant of both wet soils and dry summers.

Additional Attributes

This tree has low branches and makes a great ornamental tree in planting beds, around the house, on property lines, or in the open yard. Its low branches will create privacy and when planted in odd-numbered clusters adds a native look to the landscape. Its decorative dark red fruit lingers throughout the fall and winter giving a striking appearance in the off-season.

crabapple prairiefire for sale

Crabapple – Red Jewel

“Malus x sp. Red Jewel”
This is a stunning choice for a white flowering crabapple tree where space is an issue. At 15′ x 12′ fully grown, it fits nicely into compact areas. Beautiful white flowers that bloom in mid-spring give way to small red fruit in the fall. Hearty throughout zone 5. Perfect for front landscapes, this crabapple variety grows well in any soil condition and is very drought tolerant.

Additional Attributes

Medium green foliage gives a stunning appearance throughout the summer and the tree overall develops a nice upright pyramidal shape. This tree is very disease resistant with a rapid growth rate and is safe for planting under power lines.

Red Jewel Crabapple trees for sale illinois

Linden – Greenspire

“Tilla Cordata”
The Greenspire Linden is a magnificent shade tree and grows to 40′ high with a 30′ spread. It maintains an attractive pyramid shape and its leaves are heart-shaped, turning from dark green to an eye-catching gold color in the fall. Fragrant yellow flowers appear in spring and turn into dark-colored fruit enjoyed by birds in the fall.

Additional Attributes

This tree should be planted 15 feet from buildings. Because of its attractive form, this tree can be used in a variety of landscapes including along a border or in the open yard. It is also great by a pool or deck as it is not a messy tree, dropping its leaves only in the fall. It has a moderate growth rate and is very adaptable to most soils.

Linden Greenspire Tree

Linden – American Sentry

“Tilia Americana ‘Sentry'”
The American Sentry Linden Tree grows to an upright, oval crown with a uniform look. It has large, deep green leaves in spring and summer and striking orange, red and gold colors in the fall. Its bark is a distinctive silvery-gray color when the tree is immature. This Linden is most resistant to the Japanese Beetle. It grows at a fast pace reaching heights upwards of 50 feet tall with a 25-foot spread.

Additional Attributes

Grows best in full sunlight and adaptable to both dry and moist soil. Recommended as a shade or vertical accent tree. It features small clusters of fragrant yellow flowers in spring turning to tan bracts hanging below the branches in early summer. A stately tree, it has a narrow, upright habit of growth for smaller yards and features upright branching.

American Sentry Linden Trees for sale illinois

Locust – Skyline

“Gleditisa Triacanthos var. inermis”
The Skyline Locust Tree is a fast-growing tree with a broad pyramidal shape. Delicate green leaves in the summer give way to a beautiful golden color in the fall. An extremely drought-tolerant tree it is tough enough for urban environments. Grows to a height of 45′ with a spread of 35′ and is hearty in zones 4 – 9.

Additional Attributes

This spreading deciduous tree has glossy dark green leaves and in the fall, pendant, twisted seed pods appear. Seems to thrive best where seasons are defined and is not picky about soil.

Skyline Locust Trees for sale

Pear – Cleveland Select

The Cleveland Select Pear Tree grows to a height of 35-40′ with a mature spread of 25′ making it a perfect size for small to medium-sized yards. It grows at a medium-fast pace at up to 3′ per year. This ornamental tree is planted for its decorative value. In early spring it is one of the first trees to bloom and produces abundant clusters of delicate white flower blossoms that last two weeks. Its oval-shaped leaves emerge at the end of flowering and are dark green in color. In the fall the leaves turn a range of colors from yellow and orange to reddish-purple.

Additional Attributes

The Cleveland Select Pear tree differs from the Bradford Pear in its resistance to storm damage. The densely packed leaves and branches of the Bradford make it more susceptible to high wind and storm damage while the Cleveland Select is more likely to survive. It grows in a tight, perfectly symmetrical semi-oval shape with a flawless appearance.

Cleveland Select Pear Trees nursery

Plum – Thundercloud

“Prunus Cerasifera”
The Thundercloud Plum makes a great landscaping tree with its picturesque purple foliage and pale pink to white blooms in early spring. Grows to 20′ in height at a moderate pace and achieves a rounded shape over time with up to a 20′ spread. Requires regular watering. The Thundercloud loves the sun and does extremely well in dry, hot climates. Thrives in almost any soil.

Additional Attributes

This tree makes an excellent addition to an open yard or as an accent next to patios, decks, or gardens. Perfect for high-density neighborhoods or in groupings in either the front or rear yards. One of the best trees to plant for a country garden look. Adaptable to different soil conditions but prefers well-drained soil. Hearty from zones 4 – 8.

Thundercloud Plum tree nursery

River Birch

“Betula Nigra”
The cinnamon-colored, exfoliating bark of the River Birch is spectacular in the winter. Grows to 40′ – 70′, with a 40′ – 60′ spread (zones 4-9). Lustrous, medium-green leaves. Most borer-resistant birch. Tolerant of both wet soils and dry summers. Avoid very alkaline soils

Additional Attributes

The River Birch is one of the 12 Birch species that extend southward from the Arctic Circle. It is the only one that grows naturally at low elevations in the southeastern part of the United States. The River Birch has become a popular landscape tree because of its distinctive bark and graceful crown. It also is said to be the Birch most resistant to borers and can tolerate drier conditions than other Birches. Flowers are brown or green and bloom from April to May. The fruit is elongated, 1 – 3 inches long. Its small but plentiful seeds are appreciated by a wide range of songbirds.

River Birch Trees for sale

Whitespire Birch

“Betula populifolia ‘Whitespire’”
The Whitespire Birch Tree has white bark that does not exfoliate. This deciduous tree has a distinctive pyramidal form that serves the landscape well as an accent tree. It grows at a medium rate and has a low canopy with a clearance of 4 feet from the ground. Can be expected to live 40 years and is more heat tolerant than other white birch varieties. Fine-textured twigs and foliage; it thrives in a range of soil conditions.

Additional Attributes

This variety of birch is known for its resistance to the bronze birch borer. Highly used an ornamental accent tree. For an attractive birch clump, plant 4 to 5 trees together. Has been known to tolerate temperatures from 100 degrees down to minus 30 degrees.

Whitespire Birch Tree Nursery

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