Oak Trees

Hoss Tree farm is proud to offer the following Oak Trees: Bur and Northern Red. To learn more about our Oak Tress please contact us today!

Oak- Bur

“Quercus Macrocarpa”
The Bur Oak Tree is tolerant of a variety of moisture and soil conditions and adapts well to urban settings. Its fringed acorns are food for wildlife. A very long-lived tree, it is very slow-growing but eventually will reach 70′ – 80′ in height with an 80′ spread. Prefers full sun and hearty throughout zones 3-8.

Additional Attributes

In addition to its notable strength, the Bur Oak has other attributes that make it a splendid tree for urban landscapes. It provides food for squirrels, dense shade, and is resistant to air pollution and heat stress. Its generally slow growth is compensated by longevity that may exceed 200 to 300 years. Needs moderate moisture with some drought tolerance. Its leaves are large ranging from 6 to 12 inches wide. Blooms in April-May produce large fringed acorns giving a “bur” appearance. This tree has also been called “the Mossy Cup Oak” due to the acorn’s somewhat mossy appearance.

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Oak – Northern Red

“Quercus Rubra”
A good tree, the Northern Red Oak tolerates pollution and compacted soil. Grows as much as two feet a year for 10 years until reaching its mature height of about 60′ – 75′ tall with a 45′ spread. Bristle-tipped leaves turn red in the fall.

Additional Attributes

This tree is an American treasure that can tolerate the conditions of cities and towns amazingly well. Provides cool shade in the summer and brilliant color in the fall with superior strength wood that helps prevent from breaking during high winds. The acorns are preferred by a range of wild animals and it requires normal moisture levels year-round.

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